Team Development

The performance of teams is critical to the quality of leadership provided to people in today’s organisations. Yet rapidly shifting membership and virtual working on complex challenges are constantly detracting from the ability of leaders to succeed through their teams. 

Enabling these teams to work together effectively across time and distance, working at pace and very flexibly is therefore a central challenge of our working world.

We believe:

  •  A team is not an end in itself but there to deliver for its stakeholders
  •  Relationships at the boundary are as important as those within the team
  •  Quality relationships will drive quality team processes

We work in two ways:

  • Team Coaching for Leadership Teams, Project Teams and Boards - to transform performance and grow their strategic leadership
  • Teaming Capability - to develop the teaming capabilities of your people, so that they form effective teams more quickly and flexibly

A systemic approach to team development, connecting interpersonal dynamics to the organisational context