Dr Paul Roberts

Dr Paul Roberts has over 27 years of experience working both as an Independent Consultant and with other consulting companies for clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. His major clients have included: Rexam, Unilever, Nike, Shell International, Tetrapak, Volvo Cars Ltd, Volvo Trucks Ltd, Bang & Olufsen, Avista Polarit, BodyShop International, The Financial Service Authority (England), Allied Distillers Limited, The Cabinet Office (England), Forum for the Future, The Royal Opera House (London), The National Theatre (London), BNFL Ltd, many Local Government Organizations in England, and the SME sector in England and Mexico.

Paul has been involved in education all his life. He first worked in social work with homeless women, families and adolescents, before becoming a consultant in the areas of leadership, management education and learning, coaching, teamwork, organizational development and socially responsible business.

He has also had a successful academic career: leading an MSc in 'People and Organizational Development' at Roffey Park
Institute; working as a Professor at CUSur, one of the regional campus of the University of Guadalajara, based in the South of the Mexican state of Jalisco; and as Head of Department of the Mexican National Institute for Public Health, based at Cuernavaca.

He currently lives in Pucallpa, Peru after living in Mexico for seven years. He is fluent in Spanish and works in English and/or Spanish.