Carlos Mota Margain

Carlos has directed multiple transformation projects in the private sector, working with Banamex/Citibank, Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Warner Lambert, Pfizer and Ford Motor Co., amongst others; and in the public sector in Mexico with PEMEX, Sedesol and Fonaes.

He has experience as CEO, Strategic Planning and Marketing Director in firms like Zano Alimentos, Grupo Industrial Alfa and Warner-Lambert. He co-authored the book “World Café: Shaping our future through conversations That Matter”, as well as its version in Spanish. He is a member of GBN (Global Business Network), InterClass, Berkana Institute, SOL (Society for Organisational Leadership) and Pioneros del World Café.

He is also member of the academic counsel of the Universidad Marista and is professor of the graduate program in Upper Management of Universidad Iberoamericana.

Carlos holds a B.S. in Business from Universidad Iberoamericana, an MBA from Stanford University, and specialisation studies in Systemic Thinking from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.